A Warning For Parents About Vaping

Children are super influenced when it comes to what they see their parents or guardian doing. They want to be just like the ones they look up to, especially when they do not understand what they are doing or why. 

Some children will not even ask questions on what it is; they just try out what their parents and guardians are doing. This is even when it is a bad thing. Understandably, children need to be taught about the things parents and guardians do wrong, so they will not do it. 

When it comes to children looking up at their adult figures, they tend to listen a little harder than if they talked to a peer about it. Peers are more likely not to ask questions because they do not want to come off like they do not know what they are doing or fit in. Fitting in is usually the case, though.  

The mother or woman figure in the child’s life has a lot of influence even when she does not talk. They need to talk and make sure even if they vape, smoke, have an e-cigarette, or other drugs that the dangers and possible addiction to it is not good. 

Some parents can see that the child will be easily persuaded to do things that look appealing even if they are not good when they see them doing it. Some try to hide the fact that they vape and or do other drugs; this only makes the child want to figure out what it is and entice them to try it. 

The dangers of vaping

Not only are there many health issues with using vape products, but there are also inherent dangers to the vape pens themselves. The pen must be charged for a time for it to produce the ability to burn the products inside. When you charge the pen too long, it can explode. 

There have been cases when the pen exploded in the pocket of someone and injured them. The vape pen can cause third-degree burns and or in some cases, set other things on fire. 

Vaping also releases a whole range of chemicals that get absorbed in the lungs. This leads to many long- and short-term issues. One of the most severe is COPD or popcorn lung. People with COPD lose the ability to breathe because their lungs become damaged, most often by chemicals in the air.  

Why is vaping so popular among kids?

You can buy vapes in a wide variety of colors and flavors. Many of these packages and flavors seem to be marketed towards children. 

Another reason why vaping is so popular is the low prices and attractive deals. There are so many flavors that the companies have come up with, causing them to taste them all and be in on trying it before others. 

The manufacturers deny it, but many commercials seem to be targeted towards young adults. Combined with the exposure at school, it has become almost impossible to keep our children safe from vaping.

When mothers don’t detect the early signs of vaping, a child can easily get addicted. And addiction at a young age is much harder to fight and sets a child up with a disadvantage from the start. 

Some people may use this product because they like the light-headed feeling from it. Most will begin to use it because they think it makes them part of the in-crowd.  

Parents Need To Give the Right Example

There is a colorful thing you have in your hand, you put it up to your mouth, and a cloud of smoke is sure to follow. You act as if it tastes good, and the people/child around you might think so too. That looks cool, especially if you can do cool tricks with it. Now you have intrigued others that they should try it.

Do you even know why you are doing it? Your on-lookers do not, but they do want to find out. Think of you, have you ever watched a show and wanted to do something on it? It was cool looking, or the person in the show you watch feels good and looks good while doing it? That is exactly what mothers do when they vape and “look cool” in front of their children. 

When there is no communication of what it is or how it will affect you. Your child normalizes the action and will carry that for the rest of his life. 

Side Effects of Vaping

Mothers are always telling their kids things like: “If you run around with a stick, you will fall on it, and it will impale you.” Or: “If you are not careful in the kitchen, you will get burnt.” 

It’s the same with vaping; you must be prepared for what happens when you do it. 

Here are a few things that are bad effects when vaping: 

Yellow Teeth: This is usually the first sign you see that is negative. The pretty white smile you use to have gone away, and you might not even link that the vaping is doing it. 

Another side effect of vaping is premature wrinkles: in today’s society, self-image is a very powerful thing. The first impression you give matters, and if you have premature wrinkles, it is usually associated with smoking. This is a bad look, and some people just accept it as growing old, yet vaping leads to premature wrinkles. 

There is another side effect of losing your hair, and this can cause self-issues such as confidence. Most people do not understand that vape can hurt your heart and lungs as well.

A Call to Action

Now that you know a little about vaping and what it can do to your body. Let us think of a mother who used a vape while pregnant! Think about the kids that are around it and tried it or got smoke blown in their face: Does that not taint them? 

Normalizing vaping around the child and its smell can lead to the child not questioning it. Thus, the problem of addiction starts, from the fetus! When this is the case, and children do not know better, they tend to get addicted even if they do not want to. When the addiction has already started before a child understands the negative of vaping, the come down from the addiction keeps them wanting to do it. Sweating, shaking, and body with drawls are all part of this.

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