CCCA Developments

Hello fellow traveler of the digital world! If you are here, you must have an important reason. And you probably also have an amazing story to go with it.

Here are ccca, we share the belief that every story is important because the lives of “ordinary” people are what really drive the world.

How can a normal person have any influence on the world, you might ask.

Well, that is the cool part! As we go about our lives, we constantly affect the people around us. When we interact with them and even when we are just in the same area.

And the people affected by us, in turn, influence the people around them too.

Basically, we are all influencers.

With power comes responsibility, though.

As you’re going through your day, take a moment to think about what you are spreading or amplifying.

Are you spreading more love, understanding, and greatness? Or are you spreading more frustration, anger, and fear?

If you think that you can be selective with who you are nice to and who you can treat badly, think again. The world is not a disconnected bunch of objects but infinitely connected. Spreading more badness and bad ideas will just make things worse in the future, for you and your children.

But it’s not all bad. Far from it actually. You don’t ever have to feel powerless or small. Just as gravity works, you are also influencing the world. So use it!

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